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ANSE - Made in Latvia, Baltics, Europe

A meadow with a Latvian map outline.

For as long as I can recall, in Latvia, tailoring has always held a special place, serving as both a popular profession and a beloved hobby for many women. As a child, I remember the numerous summer trips we would make to our tailor to create a 'kostīms,' a matching outfit set made for summer. It wasn't a matter of indulgence; rather, it was a necessity driven by the lack of ready-made options in stores. These outfits were designed to withstand all activities a child could think of. The secret to their longevity lay in skillful tailoring, good fabrics, and meticulous stitching.

At ANSE, these core values continue to define our mission. So, why have we chosen to produce our garments in Latvia?

1. Skilled tailors
The talented artisans we collaborate with boast decades of experience and possess the expertise necessary to create garments of premium quality, aligning perfectly with ANSE's commitment to excellence.

2. Commitment to punctuality and quality
In the world of fashion, adherence to delivery schedules and maintaining impeccable service standards are paramount. We firmly believe in upholding our promises; when we commit to delivering at the beginning of March, we make certain that our garments are in the hands of our customers precisely at the start of the month or as agreed. This commitment to timeliness and good service is a collective responsibility.

3. Fabric sourcing
Our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility extends to the sourcing of fabrics. We partner with our Baltic neighbors, who possess decades of experience and adhere to universally recognized quality standards, including those defined by the European Flax organization and the OEKO-TEX 100 criteria. Additionally, our close proximity ensures that our shipments generate minimal carbon emissions.

Our choice to produce in Latvia is underpinned by a rich legacy of skilled tailors, an unwavering dedication to punctuality and quality, and a sustainable approach to fabric sourcing. These factors collectively contribute to ANSE's reputation for delivering quality, reliability, and sustainability.

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